Shiny Goddess Extrodinaire!

22 March 1984
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Name: Neko (actually Miki, but she thinks Neko is cuter)
Age: Cuteness is ageless!
Gender: Female
Favorite things: Kitties, ParaPara music, DDR, sweets, strawberries, watermelon, playing, Nee-chan, Disney movies, Hello Kitty, sleep, shoujo manga
Hated things: People who want her to be serious, nobody listening to her, vegetables, silence, bugs and spiders, classical music
Personality: Neko is the youngest of Suburbia's God siblings. She's cheerful, energetic, and is obsessed with cute things. The girl definitely comes off as an airhead, but she's actually quite smart and cunning; she can get herself out of almost any kind of trouble. Kinda helps that she's good at masking her true emotions, as well.

Her most favourite person in the whole wide world is her darling Onee-chan, who doesn't really feel quite the same about her loud, clingy baby sister. Neko also likes to tease her brother, calling him her "Big Gay Brother," although he denies such a fact. When she's not annoying playing with her siblings, she likes to boss around the Soulless under her command, and is rather sadistic most of the time, but shhh~ That's a secret ♥

[Miki is the youngest God sibling in the soulesssuburbia RPG. Image icons are actually of Reina Tanaka from Morning Musume *hides her guilty pleasure >_>*.]